Aset-Based (Non-Cash) Giving

Giving Like Never Before

What if you could give your non-cash assets like highly-appreciated stock or crops to:

→ Support your church and the organizations that you love to give to?

→ Enjoy the tax benefits, & ensure your giving goes to empower the work you believe in?

Many generous individuals and families want to make a kingdom impact and support organizations they believe in. But, 90% of their business and personal wealth is locked up in non-cash assets.

By opening a Donor Advised Fund through the Ten Talents Foundation, you can now give highly-appreciated stock, property, crops, crypto-currency, & other non-cash assets in a way that maximizes the impact of every dollar and provides you with significant tax benefits.

Acceptable Gift Types

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
    • Appreciated Stock – Receive a tax deduction equal to the stock’s appreciated value without paying the capital gains tax.

Asset-Based Giving

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