Over a million individual Giving Funds also known as Donor Advised Funds or DAFs, were opened by the end of 2021 according to the National Philanthropic Trust, 2021. They report that “contributions to Giving Funds (DAFs) in 2021 totaled $72.67 billion, an all-time high.”

The growing popularity of Giving Funds (DAFs) is a reflection of the unique and significant value they provide for generous individuals, families, and businesses.

11 Benefits of Giving Funds (aka Donor Advised Funds):

– Offer significant tax benefits.

– Allow you to give non-cash assets (i.e. appreciated stocks, business interests, crops & more).

– Allow you to give anonymously.

– Have no minimum fund distributions.

Help you plan ahead. Give now, receive tax benefits, distribute later. (Read more.)

– Are more private and less expensive than a personal foundation.

Simplify your giving. Give to multiple organizations you love while receiving ONE tax deduction letter!

– Provide the opportunity to involve your family in giving decisions.

– Give you the ability to include instructions for the next generation as a beneficiary in your trust or will.

–  Include the support of a Foundation like Ten Talents who can connect you with ministries and causes aligning to your passions.

Allow you to combine gifts with others who have Giving Funds to increase the impact of your gift!

Giving Fund Testimonials

A Business Perspective: Mark Ford

A Family Perspective: Rick Harrison

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