Giving Funds, also known as Donor Advised Funds or DAFs, are being used at historic levels according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

    “The number of individual DAF accounts in the U.S. is above one million for the first time. Donors may initially choose DAFs for their flexibility and ease of use—and they continue using DAFs because they can both plan for and respond quickly to causes that are important to them.”

    National Philanthropic Trust, 2021

    Why are Giving Funds (DAFs) so popular? Giving Funds:

    – Offer significant tax benefits.

    – Allow you to give non-cash assets.

    – Are more private and less expensive than a personal foundation.

    – Simplify your giving. (Give to multiple organizations you love while receiving ONE tax deduction letter!)

    – Help you plan ahead, partner with other community members to support specific causes and organizations, and increase the power of your giving

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