Ministry Partners

When generous Christians partner with ministries that are building God’s kingdom, our Valley, and world, will never be the same. The Ten Talents Foundation is the hub that brings donors and ministries together to maximize their impact. One way we do this is through our Ministry Partner Program.

Current Ministry Partners

We help Ministry Partners:


Accept larger cash and non-cash assets

Nonprofits and churches often ask for cash
gifts due to the simplicity of the transaction, but 90% of peoples’ wealth is in non-cash assets (e.g., homes, property, stocks, crops). The Ten Talents Foundation serves as the “back office” for Ministry Partners to help them accept and process larger cash and non-cash gifts.


Create and manage Ministry Funds

As a foundation, Ten Talents has the ability
to create and house a variety of fund
accounts (e.g., Ministry Funds, endowments,
scholarship funds) for partners. This eliminates administrative costs, allowing ministries to focus on their mission.


Grow through resources, training and connection

• 2 training workshops annually

• Support in accepting and processing asset-
based, non-cash gifts (Resources, referrals, and direct assistance)

• Communication resources for print, web, and social media helping donors understand how they can give to the ministry through the Ten Talents Foundation

• Ongoing relationship building opportunities
with other Ten Talents Ministry Partners

• Ministry Partner highlight in Ten Talents’ annual report

Ministry Partner Testimonials

Youth For Christ is excited about Ten Talents because we have a kingdom-minded, savvy resource for unleashing generosity locally.

They are trusted, wise, and capable to help families effectively and give efficiently.

Ten Talents is an important part of strengthening and connecting generous Christians and our Christ-sharing, local organizations.

Youth For Christ Team

I went to a Ten Talents presentation and learned about crop giving and other ways to give that I’ve never heard of in my 40 years of directing ESA/Love INC. The Ten Talents Foundation is a Christian foundation that donors can trust to make gifts [to organizations] in new ways.

They know how to… bring nonprofits together to better fulfill their missions. The Ten Talents Foundation is a godsend to ministries in the Central Valley.

Alan Doswald
Community Connections, ESA/Love INC

Ministry help is available

Through Ten Talents’ Ministry Partner Program, we can help teach and train your staff and leadership. Through resources like coaching, workshops, focused emails, and print media, we empower you to build deeper relationships in your community.

Interested in becoming a Ten Talents Foundation Ministry Partner?