Fund Advisor Portal

Do you have a fund with the Ten Talents Foundation? Log into the Fund Advisor Portal below to make a gift out of your fund, review past donations, or check fund amounts.

Portal FAQs:

How do I make gifts through the online Fund Advisor Portal?

Log into your Fund Advisor to select the organizations you want to give to, select the gift amounts, review the totals in your Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund), or see a list of past donations.

What happens after I make a gift out of my Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund) through the online Fund Advisor Portal?

Once your gift is approved, Ten Talents will notify you and send checks to the organization on your behalf along with a custom letter.

I forgot my Fund Advisor Portal login information. What do I do?

If you don’t know or have forgotten your Fund Advisor Portal login information, please email

Can I automate gifts out of my Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund)?
Can I donate directly to the Ten Talents Foundation through my Fund Advisor Portal?

Yes! Log into your Fund Advisor Portal. scroll down to “Ten Talents Operations,” and indicate what gift amount you’d like to make. 

As a 501(c) 3, we cannot carry out our mission without financial support. Your gift, no matter the amount, allows us to make an even greater impact in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for transforming our community through this movement of generosity! 

What is a Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund)?

A Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund) is a Ten Talents fund used to manage your charitable donations. You direct the investment of the fund, receive quarterly statements and periodically recommend grants from your fund to the charities you specify.