Including Ministries You Love in Your Will or Trust (with guidelines & intentionality)

Have you included the causes, ministries, or nonprofits you love in your will or trust?

Are you interested in creating a family culture of giving? Do you want to leave assets to an organization, but you’re concerned one day they will change and start operating contrary to your values?

When you allocate assets in your will or trust to your Giving Fund (DAF) with the Ten Talents Foundation you can give to organizations you love long-term with guidelines and intentionality. Designating resources to your Giving Fund (DAF) in your will or trust allows you to: 

  • Create a family culture of giving.
    Leave giving instructions for family members on how to manage the Giving Fund. This empowers your family to carry out a culture of generosity for generations.
  • Ensure the giving aligns with your values.
    Some individuals are hesitant to include a nonprofit or ministry in their will or trust out of fear the organization will eventually stop operating in line with the person’s values. Putting your assets in a Giving Fund (DAF) allows you to leave guidelines a ministry must meet in order to receive gifts out of your Fund.

If you have questions about including a Giving Fund (DAF) in your will or trust we are here to help. Don’t have a will or trust? If you need help setting up a will or trust, contact Ten Talents and we will direct you to the right next steps!