At the Ten Talents Foundation, we love to educate our community about tools they can use to live a tax-wise and generous life. One of these powerful tools is called a Donor Advised Fund. A Donor Advised Fund is like a charitable investment account! When you use a Donor Advised Fund to give to causes you love, you will:

1. Receive tax deductions. Donor Advised Fund holders enjoy a federal income tax deduction of up to 60% of adjusted gross income for cash contributions and up to 30% of adjusted gross income for the appreciated securities they donate. (Source: Investopedia)

2. Simplify your giving. When you use a Donor Advised Fund to make your donations, you can give to multiple organizations you love while receiving only ONE tax receipt letter.

3. Plan ahead. A Donor Advised Fund allows you to give assets or cash into the fund, receive tax benefits based on that gift, but distribute the funds to ministries later. This allows you to be more intentional and strategic in your giving, without rushing to make a gift now.

4. Give non-cash assets. When you donate an asset into your Donor Advised Fund, we sell the asset and the proceeds fund your generosity and provide tax savings. 

5. Incur tax-free growth. Funds in your Donor Advised Fund may be invested in a variety of investment models, providing the possibility of tax-free growth. 

Still have questions about Donor Advised Funds? Grab coffee with Ten Talents’ Chief Operating Officer, Dan Kimball, and hear a helpful overview of how a Donor Advised Fund works! ↓