2022 Ten Talents Foundation Annual Impact Report

2022 Ten Talents Foundation Annual Impact Report


Thank you.

At the Ten Talents Foundation, we believe our time, talents, and treasures are gifts from God. We have the responsibility to manage our resources with wisdom, creativity, and generosity to build His kingdom. We strive to unify our faith community in the Central Valley under this mindset. Darkness trembles, hope grows, and cities change when businesses, families, ministries, and churches come together in His name!

We’ve seen it first-hand. Since our inception in July of 2020, over $1,000,000 has been thoughtfully distributed on behalf of our Giving Fund holders through the Ten Talents Foundation to organizations making a positive impact in our region and world! Our 14 Ministry Partners are receiving training and resources to become even more effective conduits of God’s love in our community.

In 2023, with your help, we can double our impact, increase our generosity, facilitate more complex gifts like crop giving and real estate, and add 10 new Ministry Partners!

Thank you for partnering with the Ten Talents Foundation. Whether you are a Founding Member, Giving Fund holder, Ministry Partner, Prayer Partner, or a neighbor, you are a vital part of this movement of generosity.

Tax-wise way to donate stock

Tax-wise way to donate stock

Tax-wise way to donate stock

A simple, quick process.

The Ten Talents Foundation has a simple process in place to help you transfer your stock into a Giving Fund with a 3-4 business day turnaround!

To begin the process, contact Ten Talents Foundation and we will provide you with transfer instructions that you can give to your financial adviser.

The adviser facilitates the sell of the stock and the money can then be transferred directly into your Giving Fund. Therefore, the funds from the sale are not considered income and you do not have to pay income tax on the amount.

Interested in donating stock to a cause you believe in? Contact the Ten Talents Foundation today and we will help you through the simple process.

Don’t have time to make thoughtful gifts by the end of the year? Here’s what you can do.

Don’t have time to make thoughtful gifts by the end of the year? Here’s what you can do.

Contribute to your Giving Fund now. Distribute donations later!

Reduce stress & increase intentionality.

Do you have financial gifts you’d like to make by the end of the year, but you don’t have time to thoughtfully decide where you’d like to donate your gifts?

Having a Giving Fund (also known as a Donor Advised Fund or DAF) through the Ten Talents Foundation, allows you to make one year-end tax-deductible gift to your Fund now and distribute the gift to various causes in the future! 

For example: If you open and contribute to your Giving Fund this December, you will receive a tax-benefit for the year the money was contributed to the Fund (i.e. 2022). You can then make gifts out of your Giving Fund in 2023 and beyond!

This allows you to grow your Giving Fund to meet a ministry’s specific need later, or have more time to pray about your giving rather than rushing into random year-end donations.

Interested in learning more about this process and launching your own Giving Fund? Contact Ten Talents at (559) 387-5534, info@tentalentsfoundation.org, or by clicking the button below today!

How a Giving Fund simplifies the way you donate.

How a Giving Fund simplifies the way you donate.

How a Giving Fund simplifies the way you donate.

Open a Giving Fund and simplify the way you make donations.

If you are giving to multiple organizations you love, you are probably writing several checks a month, stamping and addressing countless envelopes, and managing stacks of receipt letters. Giving Funds simplify the giving process.

Giving Fund, also known as a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), allows you to give to multiple organizations online through a single source and receive ONE tax deduction letter at the end of the year.

No more trips to the post office or stacks of receipt letters. The only paperwork you will need to keep track of is one tax deduction letter at the end of the year!

Opening a Giving Fund is similar to having your own personal foundation, but much more private, less expensive, and with greater tax benefits. When you open a Giving Fund through the Ten Talents Foundation, you can:

1. Log into your Donor Giving Portal on the Ten Talents website

2. Select the organizations you want to give to and the gift amounts.

Once the gifts are approved, Ten Talents will notify you and send checks to the organizations on your behalf along with custom letters.

You can log into your Donor Giving Portal any time to review the totals in your fund or see a list of past donations. You can even request to automate your gifts through your Giving Fund.

Call (559) 387-5534, email info@tentalentsfoundation.org., or click the button below to learn how Giving Funds can help make giving simple, allowing you to leverage to your talents for greater Kingdom impact. 👇🏼